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Microsoft DevOps Partner Community

Be rewarded for your success with increased support, software, and training.


DevOps partners help bring together people, processes, and technology, automating software delivery to provide continuous value – whether through our first party DevOps solution, hybrid solutions, or third-party technologies.

Unlock access to these benefits and more by becoming a DevOps partner with Microsoft:

  • Gain access to the DevOps Partner Sales and Marketing Portal, with valuable resources you need for successful sales and marketing.
  • Subscription for monthly communications to help you drive your business and better leverage your relationships with Microsoft
  • Access to the profile on the DevOps customer-partner connection site, to connect Microsoft customers with DevOps partners
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and Azure internal-use software licenses (including mobile)
  • Deepen customer relationships by becoming a provider of Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services
  • Eligibility for Microsoft Managed Reseller Incentive
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  1. The first step to becoming a DevOps partner is to join Microsoft’s Partner Network (MPN) as a DevOps competency partner.
  2. Sign up for the DevOps Partner Sales & Marketing Portal as soon as you are a DevOps competency partner with Microsoft.
  3. Look out for more information in our DevOps Partner Newsletter (you will be automatically subscribed once you register on the DevOps Partner Sales & Marketing Portal).